so hey not sure if y’all follow my tweeter but today Zoe Quinn announced the FMV game we conceptualized with Rock Paper Shotgun’s Nathan Grayson in Vegas a couple weeks ago. it will be starring Ashley Burch (aka Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin? and Tiny Tina from blands2), Greg Sestero (o, hai Mark), with as of earlier this afternoon Jesse Cox in an as-yet-undetermined-but-probably-awesome-role(s). I’ll be writing along with Zoe and Nathan and potentially others but I’m not sure I can say yet so I won’t.

The development and sound team is unannounced as of now, but I can say that it will blow your fucking world out of the ocean and have dirty monkey sex with it on a pool table in Rachel’s stepdad’s pool cabana. Stay tuned because this is real, it’s happening, and it’s gonna drill to the heavens.

Party on.

if you butt in the game, you butt for real

if you butt in the game, you butt for real

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As a outside observer I realize my perspective is limited, but I don't see how what you wrote about GAME_JAM was particularly antagonistic towards Polaris. Apart from sweeping the entire story under the rug, your telling of the events seemed like as favorable a treatment of Polaris's role as possible. You've mentioned that some of your YouTube colleagues had a different reaction. Are you free to speak more about this difference of opinion, given recent events?

Sweeping the entire story under the rug? What, is this Teapot Dome? Am I the British Government all of a sudden? I knew I’d be fired when I wrote the thing. Why would I try to spin it for Maker?

Here’s the thing: Polaris and Maker were, at the end of the day, responsible for naivete and falling into old media autopilot, respectively. The subtext of that article (which only a few picked up on) was that this is a company struggling with its own identity as both a start-up and a corporate production house, and the result of that was a failure the size and scope of GAME_JAM. They hired Matti. They fought for him to be on the project. They let him get to a place where he was in charge. And when he took down the production, he was very much representing Maker as well as Pepsi - and the devs knew that, and they walked.

Maker wasn’t ill-intentioned. Polaris was DEFINITELY not ill-intentioned. Lazy, maybe. A little old media for my liking. And likely, if you want to go there, it was hard for the former to understand a perspective that wasn’t their own (referring to the devs). But they weren’t this fucking Chernabog reigning over the spirits of bald mountain with shitty contracts and poisonous staffers. So I was, as a journalist should be, objective about their role. It wasn’t good. It wasn’t bad. It just was.

Looking for monsters in closets won’t work on this one. There aren’t any.


Hey there, space cadets! This is Jared Rosen reporting LIVE (not really) from behind the lines of Tabletop Deathmatch, where I’m conducting interviews all season long with each of the 16 finalists. Today I’m speaking with Mark and Christina Major, the minds behind survival strategy game Jupiter Down, about their experience on the show and some big, kinda-sorta secret news about the game.

Read on for the full interview!

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Interview #2

Live fast, die interview.

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Jared ! I'm bored. Help a girl out.

I’m going to be up for one million years if you want to swing by? Not that it matters because you’re having a SCHOOL NIGHT


The Darn Knight Checks Out


The Darn Knight Checks Out

I got a 43 out of 100 points on the privilege test.

Should have studied harder instead of playing that DAMN NINTENDO