A message from Anonymous


A message from Anonymous
Seeing anybody?

Weird followup.

Very weird.

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Have you ever been inside Dodger?


A message from Anonymous
shit, did I forget anon then? have I been exposed?!

nope, you’re still pretty anon. i just assume that every single anon is lucy. all of them. especially the weird ones.

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what's it like NOT being a virgin?

we give not being a virgin

a 7 out of 10

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whats it like being a virgin is it fun

looks like someone is bitter about the virgin spaghetti dinner & white elephant

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please write more for us to read. you are amazing in what you do and you should share that talent more often

Here’s a thing I cut from my book.

"The Moneta Memory-Play Institute of Central California is widely derided as one of the most unattractive buildings in North America, its cream-hued facade and cracked roof recalling the image of a half-eaten vanilla flan. Children don’t play near it. Young couples don’t rent adjacent apartments. Local property values fall several thousand dollars a year as a result of its continued existence, the Institute’s hasty excavation causing surrounding neighborhoods to gradually sink towards it. Even its parking lot, originally designed to look like a human brain, has been overtaken by a particularly aggressive strain of lowland dandelion – one that triggers catastrophic allergic responses in men over the age of 60. Described by the Sacramento Bee as ‘A Deathtrap of Otherworldly Effectiveness,’ it enjoys a half-dozen customers yearly and maintains zero human employees at any given time. No one has yet attempted to set it on fire."

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It's probably because you volunteered to make out with Vernon in front of a thousand people.

I re-watched that later and like my underlying tone of glee. Like I’m just loving how uncomfortable everyone is the entire time. We did raise like $1000 through that so hey dude makeouts for cancer research woo.

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Your gaming on acid article made me want to try acid and realize how stupid the former thought was in the span of a minute and a half. GJ

I like to think I’m helping.

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You forgot Jared 4, Brooke's older bro. From what I heard, he's Jared!Voltron's amazing singing voice.

I guess to Dodge he’d be Jared 1, making me Jared 2. That does imply that Jared 1 would be the head/amazing singing voice. It also means that as Jared 2, I would form the butt. Jared 4 can be the left arm and Jared 3 can be everything else. I, however, form the butt.

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what´s your celebrety crush?

Laura Marling


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What type of person do you usually find attractive ?


A message from geoducks
tell about your book

the unedited chapter one can be found here

i originally started it with the intent of doing a heavy futurism memory commodification thing but it is rapidly becoming what i’ve been referring to as a comedy house of leaves

i honestly don’t even know what it is anymore, but it’s fun to write and fun to read and will hopefully be my springboard into my dream job of writing a (gasp!) video game

i’ve got eight months on this lease to finish it

let the games continue

A message from zerohand
How did you start writing for TGS?

I was originally brought on as the associate editor of the long-dead TGS hub site, where I wrote a shitload of articles that nobody fucking read. When that was shuttered they briefly moved me over to Ray William Johnson’s team, where I helped write this little number before deciding to go back to Norcal and pursue my dream of being a domestic househusband.

It didn’t work out.

So I came back (with $400 in my bank account, might I add) and found that after the second or third rebranding they needed an in-house game reviewer. They already liked my work, and I was brought on in a less full time capacity at my own request for one test review - Dragon’s Dogma, which pulled around 100k views for our very first episode. Those numbers are usually only reserved for things like the podcast, so I was properly contracted for TGTB&TR w/Lisa as well as the initial run of interactive trivia shows, which while they were being written by me were rocking something like 1.2 million combined views per episode. A couple months later Josh asked me to join up with Indie Statik, Husky asked me to help with Nerd Alert after Dodger referred me to him, and here we are.

tl;dr I got really lucky and happen to be an okay writer. Though I like to fake a cartoonishly inflated ego because it’s funny.

A message from Anonymous
who did you write for before tgs?

I reviewed minimal techno for the now-defunct fwd.dj (the main site is dead :’(), covered indie rock shows and techno parties for The LA Record (my boss was an insane heroine addict-slash-king of the ‘that guys’ who lived in a warehouse), was a game blogger/reviewer at Population GO!, a short fiction contributor/editorial buttplug for Rapt Magazine, and a gonzo somnambulist/editorial double buttplug for The Fish Rap Live!

I’ve also worked on a number of independent projects including Opus, Welcome to Bollywood, Nerd Alert, Fifteen Seconds of Lame, Three-Six Whiskey when and if volume one will ever come to exist in the universe and a tragically short lived comedy reboot of Magnus, Robot Fighter.

I currently write for Indie Statik, TGS and this guy. Sometimes I tell people I’m working on a book, which is true when I’m not being the laziest asshole in the entire world.