I wish Tropes vs Women and that kind of stuff was half as relevant, readable, and sassy as you.
i’m anita sarkeesian and welcome to 20 minute term paper
I’m lying around with no top it’s great

its half naked sunday and we’re winning at it

You forget everyone’s assumptions that you were trying to be an umbrella or ninja.


(Also I actually should probably start calling you that instead of Frodo huh)

my supervisor at tgs calls me frodo so i’m pretty sure you can too

What the hell is that, a hat? Like an umbrella you wear?

it’s a sombrero! i bought a mariachi outfit today and it came with a giant shiny mexican hat

when i wear it i hear mariachi music its weird

so what are you, like…a mariachi ninja?

i’m a mariachi samurai

That manages to look sinister and silly at the same time and idk how

hello, my name is jared

nice to meet you

I’m sorry I didn’t have time to do something original but I think I need to go clothe penguins now bye

marry me

I’m sorry I didn’t have time to do something original but I think I need to go clothe penguins now bye




marry me

Oh god I used to be so obsessed with that site and zOMG! it was terrible and my guild was constantly bugging the devs too

same. though i never really bugged the devs. i was mostly in gdc with the guildies talking bout squids and pickles and vidya games. it was weird because i wasn’t nearly as into anime as everyone else and thats basically a giant site for anime fans

I’m not sure if that’s worth a lot because of inflation D: There’s a bunch of new items that cost literally over a billion gold. ;;

i noticed that :( i remember when the wtf hat dropped and nobody could afford it because people were selling it for like seven million gold and then the devs rereleased it so the price went down to like a thousand

i was looking at the mp and that shit is fucking ridiculous. how did they never solve the whole “the cash shop is ruining our online economy” thing? or the whole “the aquarium minigame is destroying our online economy” thing? also zOMG! was fucking awful and now they have two more games. moga galaxy was okay. the two new on-site ones are bullshit.

but now i’m reminiscing


you should have seen the getup

oversized jeans and a che guevara t shirt

take me jesus because i’m coming

I just saw a bit of Jesse’s playthrough, I love that quick summary you just gave there of the beginning. Very accurate. You really don’t feel much other than “yep. okay. well. that happened”….

That’s the vibe of nearly every major event in the game and it was driving me insane.



seeing how/what more people decide to name theirs will be great

Current White 2 team:

Swanna - Amelia

Axew - Grindhouse

Garbodor - LargeMarge

Arcanine - Dogblood

Sunflora - Sun Fizz

Lucario - Sweet

It’s not that different from catfights in middle school where each girl has its own posse, imo.

this is more accurate in two party politics than you realize

pfft slight difference with the whole ‘shopping for everything except the first thing that you want’; everyone in my family does that but despite dicking around they manage to find a different one that’s actually shittier and get it anyway ;;

i always wanted to tell people that it’s a dead organism you hang decorations off of before ritually burning

its okay if the branches are shaped weird on the side facing the wall

Is it Aladdin first or are you guys going to somehow parody Gangnam Style because I think everyone would spontaneously fangasm if you did that

Maybe Gangnam Style? I honestly have no idea.

I’m on a separate email chain and apparently now have a handler who is also named Jared so really what I’m trying to say is outside of editorial I’ve been sort of out of the loop.

I actually haven’t seen any bad Dodger art. Some cute ones, but nothing bad—other than REMEMBER A REALLY WEIRD MUSCULAR ONE OMG. Unless my memories are failing me and I’m actually mind-Photoshopping things together now.

Posted on her blog, from the shoulders up? Yeah. I found that one. It’s not just from the shoulders up.

We thought better to crop it.

Did you just find fanart of yourself or a friend or…?

Just a thought, really.

Though sometimes Dodge and I try to find really horrifying fanart of her. The things I’ve uncovered…