and because i’m starting to get a little saucy here are some horror movie recommendations from the vaults of netflix

black ghost/white ghost: two short films that take place in the universe of ju-on: the grudge. directed and written by the ju-on guy. both are good. the second one is fucking horrifying and it ends on an even more horrifying note

3 extremes: three japanese horror shorts. one is about dumplings (if you’ve seen Dumplings the full-length movie you can skip this one), on is about a psychopathic movie extra and the last one broke my mind in two and took a piss into my soul. it is FUCKING. BRUTAL. highly recommend.

yellowbrickroad: lovecraftian psychological horror with a super cool ending that just goes off the rails dumb in the last four minutes. ruinous but not bad enough to wreck the rest of the film, which is genuinely very awesome. the monster is a old hiking trail.

dawning: lovecraftian psychological horror that starts slow, picks up super hard and once again ends on an ambiguous, slightly meh note. still a very fun watch. the monster is never fully explained. we’re not even sure if there is one.

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