Another successful night of I can’t ever tell anyone what happened.

look at all the partiers in here

i can’t go big like my college days anymore (nor do i want to) but i’m glad to see the partiers

god damn did i take one for the team

these fuckers owe me so hard


slept for roughly two hours. every smell coming from my body has a hint of japanese pineapple mixer. had to get a ride back to the geographic vicinity of my car because i couldn’t remember where the fuck i left it

also i met a cat who gives high fives

The Anemonvan @ Burning Man 2007

The Anemonvan @ Burning Man 2007

a text message i just sent to my friend slash coworker

  • Sam: What r we working on today
  • Me: Well mike didnt train me in anything last night (lame) so for now i need to flush his office desktop's RAM with my external hd and pretend to further add to my expanded list of game execs. after that? i might fantasize about living in the south china sea or partying at berghain with you and keiko. maybe weep softly into a plant. the day is young.