We’re game reviewers. We review games.

We’re game reviewers. We review games.


2 Guys 1 Cupcake
Featuring Vernon (@vernonshaw) and Jared (@notquitefrodo) with Erin (@eschmalf) officiating.

And then, homoeroticism

Vernon couldn’t hang

i’m feeling a little injust if you know what i mean

"back in the greek times thats just how they treated women lol"


*beckons you closer*

do you like… games?

SKylanders: Giants

The game that ate my bank account.

This lady is one of the best ladies ever to lady. <3

And MAN does the internet not know how to handle hyperbole. You’re saying that 500 years ago wasn’t over 1000 years ago? Well fuck, I would have had to know basic math for that.

So proud of this trivia. So, so proud.

On Writing

  • Jared Rosen: i'll write as much as my creaky gamer hands can write
  • Jared Rosen: i will write until my head cracks open and delicious chocolate milk pours out
  • Jared Rosen: i will write
  • Jared Rosen: until
  • Jared Rosen: tuesday when we have the meeting
  • Jared Rosen: and then i will write after the meeting
  • Jared Rosen: maybe during
  • Jared Rosen: unsure
  • huskystarcraft: thats a ton of writing
  • huskystarcraft: you should become a writer
  • Jared Rosen: i was thinking about it
  • Jared Rosen: might be a good career move

there we go, sent the mario review off. i am not sure who is presenting it but they should have been playing through the game as well and can change whatever they want

it then goes into final edit and then we record it

thus a TGS review show is born

In case you didn’t get to see some of the livestream, all of the livestream, or just want to watch some of it again here’s a little chunk of it from a dedicated member of chat! Thanks, chat! You rule!

EDIT: For even more clips and highlights check out Husky’s twitch account! There’s a bunch up including Tricia (megumixbear) annihilating Jesse Cox in SC2 without a keyboard.


rent my pawn pls now you can find her

i wrote the questions, but not the misspellings. that was done in post. bad post. you had the sheet right there.