Do they have not attending class? Is that an option?

i don’t see that one but they do have “disgusting woodsy dreadlocks” and “how to passive-aggressively assert vegan dominance”

Far Cry 3; worth $60? especially if you have a PC with ridic graphics?

I’m saying it here: one of the best games in this console generation.


jared i bought chainsaw lolipop whatever today what do you think of it. also im playing bayonetta: thoughts?

i like chainsaw lollipop! i mean at this point we know what grasshopper is all about so really buying one of their games is like clicking accept in itunes

you just have to be a fan of exceedingly campy camp and being sewn into a human centipede

I get that. I can’t even talk about how many NDAs I’m on right now.

i mean it’s not like you can call me and ask me personally or whatever OH WAIT YOU CAN

Jared can we talk about how awful RE6 looks It looks so awful oh my god it looks so awful

that is one of the games on my docket right now so i can’t talk about it publicly

did you know that if you break a capcom embargo they send akuma to your house to eat all your cheese

i really like cheese, peter

i am a fan of cheese

FYI you can demand proof that they kept your deposit in a bank account and that it was garnering interest for the entirety of your residency. Renter’s rights ftw!

Peter you beautiful sack of man, you’ve just made my life.

If you get 30% of it back, I’ll be plum-surprised.

If he takes over $3000 for “repair work” on a house we threw two parties in ever and cleaned like mad dogs for a week before the final move I’m going to shove the video of the place I took on move-in right up his ass along with my lawyer, who enjoys being inside asses.

Don’t even get me started on Book of Memories. Multiplayer top-down Silent Hill.

if you want to be very sad watch the latest interview from some guy who they apparently pulled out of an alleyway three minutes prior

pffffft Bethesda doesn’t have money for research. They need that for more unpopulated desert landscapes. Everyone still loves those, right?

you know how to tell the difference between dessert and desert?

because you want more dessert,

but a desert will probably kill you

Jared, you have gone insane. It’s Thursday.

well i know that NOW peter geez

much like actually playing it

i know! i didn’t just arbitrarily drop a seven on it because i’m cool like that. it’s a decent platformer on the 3DS, which doesn’t really have very many good platformers that aren’t mario. it’s not a bad game, just a game that looks like three other games, and then a shitload of older games before that. also its really fucking easy.

good platformer with decent co-op, too easy and plays like the other two. 7 out of 10

probably could have given it a six but you have to remain objective, even if clones piss you off

lol. Literally every other comment is “tits”. wtg internet.

one of the reasons i like working with lisa is that she’s actually very knowledgeable about games. her schedule is slammed like a motherfucker so i don’t see her around too often but i’ve seen her work and spoken to her about gaming and completely trust her with editing my review drafts.

then you hit the comments and people are like TITS TITS THE MUSICAL FRUIT

Jared, we should write a robot sitcom. Don’t you think we’d be great at that?

i did write a robot sitcom, back when i was freelancing for hasbro. the program bible is on my hard drive. all we have to do is make it generic to avoid a lawsuit and poof! robot sitcom

um hello yes me

james you live in constantinople or something thats not even a real place thats like narnia you live in narnia

What I want to do that What

peter you live less far away than narnia. you live in shangri-la, ancestral home of the rainbow water loompas


Peter lets be blood brothers. I will provide my blood, you will provide your blood. BYOB if you will. Bring chips.

looks like we’ve got ourselves a mummy baby

if you’re possessed by a ghost baby do you talk like a baby or do you talk like a regular person

If you spoil any of this for me, Jared, the wrath will be even more so than the second wrath of the titans movie.

snake kills dungledoor

Get both. :P

only in the sweetest nectar of my dreams

Black… no… White… no… Black, yes… no… no… White, yeah… no… wait… maybe Black… no no… definitely White… uhm… no, wait… maybe…

i chose mauve version